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Critical Notices and Book Reviews

Review of Berit Brogaard, On Romantic Love
In The Times Literary Supplement, 4th September 2015

Critical Notice of JC Beall, Spandrels of Truth
Final draft Published version
In Philosophical Books 51 (4), October 2010, pp. 245-54

Review of Gillian Russell, Truth in Virtue of Meaning
Final draft | Published version
In Mind 119 (473), January 2010, pp. 232-8

Critical Notice of Ralph Wedgwood, The Nature of Normativity
Final draft | Published version
In Analysis 69 (1), January 2009, pp. 156-66

Review of Jonathan Kvanvig, The Knowability Paradox
Final draft | Published version
In Mind 115 (460), October 2006, pp. 1141-7