Published Academic Papers

Metaphysical Vagueness Without Vague Objects
Final Draft | Published Version
With Ali Abasnezhad
In Thought 7 (4), 2018, pp. 278-83

All Hearts in Love Use Their Own Tongues: Concepts, Verbal Disputes, and Disagreeing About Love
Final Draft
In A. Martin (ed.) The Routledge Handbook of Love In Philosophy, Routledge, 2018, pp. 72-82

On Putting Knowledge 'First'
With Jonathan Ichikawa
Final Draft
In J. A. Carter, E. Gordon, and B. Jarvis (ed.s) Knowledge-First: Approaches in Epistemology and Mind, Oxford University Press, 2017, pp. 113-31

'Addicted'? To 'Love'?
Final Draft | Published version
In Philosophy, Psychiatry & Psychology 24 (1), 2017, pp. 93-6

Knowing Our Own Hearts: Self-Reporting and the Science of Love
Final Draft | Published version
In Philosophical Issues 26 (1), 2016, pp. 226-42

Epistemological Naturalisms
Final Draft
In K. Clark (ed.) The Blackwell Companion to Naturalism, 2016, Oxford: Blackwell

The Traditional Conception of the A Priori
Final draft | Published version
With Masashi Kasaki, in Synthese 192 (9), 2015, pp. 2725-46

Modal Monogamy
Final draft | Published version
In Ergo 2 (8), 2015, pp. 175-94

What is Love? An Incomplete Map of the Metaphysics
Final draft | Published version
In Journal of The American Philosophical Association 1 (2), 2015, pp. 349-64

What Quasi-Realists Can Say About Knowledge
Final draft
In R. Johnson and M. Smith (ed.s) Passions and Projections: Themes from the Philosophy of Simon Blackburn, 2015, Oxford University Press, pp. 64-84

Serious Verbal Disputes: Ontology, Metaontology, and Analyticity
Final draft | Published version
In Journal of Philosophy 111 (9/10), 2014, pp. 454-69

Naturalism and Norms of Inference
Final draft
In O. Flanagan and A. Fairweather (ed.s) Naturalizing Epistemic Virtue, 2014, Cambridge University Press, pp. 53-69

What Can We Know A Priori?
Final draft
In R. Neta (ed.) Current Controversies in Epistemology, 2014, London: Routledge, pp. 11-22

'Intuition', Intuition, Concepts and the A Priori
Final draft
In A. Booth and D. Rowbottom (ed.s), Intuitions, 2014, Oxford University Press, pp. 91-115

Merely Verbal Disputes
Final draft | Published version
In Erkenntnis 79 (1), 2014, pp. 11-30

Naturalistic Challenges to the A Priori
Final draft
In A. Casullo and J. Thurow (ed.s), The A Priori in Philosophy, 2013, Oxford University Press, pp. 274-90

Explanation and Fundamentality
Final draft
In M. Hoeltje, B. Schnieder and A. Steinberg (ed.s), Varieties of Dependence (Basic Philosophical Concepts Series), 2013, Munich: Philosophia Verlag, pp. 211-42

Justification Magnets
Final draft | Published version
In Philosophical Studies 164 (1), 2013, pp. 93-111

Disposition Impossible
Final draft | Published version
With Daniel Nolan, in Noûs 46 (4), 2012, pp. 732-53

A Priori Knowledge: The Conceptual Approach
Final draft
In A. Cullison (ed.), The Continuum Companion to Epistemology, 2012, London: Continuum Press, pp. 180-98

Reflective Knowledge and Epistemic Circularity
Final draft | Published version
In Philosophical Papers 40, 2011, pp. 305-25

Kripkenstein and the Cleverly Disguised Mules
Final draft | Published version
In Analytic Philosophy 52 (2), 2011, pp. 88-99

Is Metaphysical Dependence Irreflexive?
Final draft
In The Monist 94 (2), 2011, pp. 267-76

Concepts, Experience and Modal Knowledge
Final draft | Published version
In Philosophical Perspectives 24, 2010, pp. 255-79

What Is Ontological Realism?
Final draft | Published version
In Philosophy Compass 5 (10), October 2010, pp. 880-90

Maximizing, Satisficing and Context
Final draft | Published version
With Daniel Nolan, in Noûs 43 (3), September 2010, pp. 451-68

Apriorism About Modality: Response to Scott Sturgeon
Final draft
In B. Hale and A. Hoffmann (ed.s), Modality: Metaphysics, Logic and Epistemology, 2010, Oxford University Press, pp. 310-17

The Mystery of the Disappearing Diamond
Final draft
In J. Salerno (ed.), New Essays on The Knowability Paradox, 2009, Oxford University Press, pp. 302-19

Modal Knowledge, Counterfactual Knowledge and the Role of Experience
Final draft | Published version
In The Philosophical Quarterly 58 (233), October 2008, pp. 693-701

Backwards Explanation
Final draft | Published version
With Daniel Nolan, in Philosophical Studies 140 (1), July 2008, pp. 103-15

The Importance of Being Designated: a Comment on Caret and Cotnoir
Final draft | Published version
In Analysis 68 (3), July 2008, pp. 244-7

A Priori Knowledge: Debates and Developments
Final draft | Published version
In Philosophy Compass 3 (3), May 2008, pp. 436-50

Boghossian and Epistemic Analyticity
Final draft
In The Croatian Journal of Philosophy 8 (22), May 2008, pp. 113-27

Romeo, René and The Reasons Why: What Explanation Is
Final draft | Published version
In Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society 108 (1), April 2008, pp. 61-84

Liar-Like Paradoxes and Object-Language Features
Final draft
With Daniel Nolan, in American Philosophical Quarterly 45 (1), January 2008, pp. 67-73 

Epistemic Norms and Natural Facts
Final draft
In American Philosophical Quarterly 44 (3), July 2007, pp. 259-72

Entitlement and Rationality
Final draft | Published version
In Synthese 157 (1), July 2007, pp. 25-45

Anti-Realism and Epistemic Accessibility
Final draft | Published version
In Philosophical Studies 132 (3), February 2007, pp. 525-51

True, False, Paranormal and Designated: a Reply to Beall
Final draft | Published version
In Analysis 67 (1), January 2007, pp. 80-3

The Philosophy of Flirting
Reprinted version | Polish translation
Originally appeared as 'The Rules of Flirtation', in The Philosophers Magazine 36, 2006, pp. 37-40
Reprinted in M. Clark and K. Miller (ed.s), Dating: Flirting With Big Ideas, 2010, Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell, pp. 13-8
Polish translation as 'Filozofia Flirtowania', trans. Marcin Iwanicki, in filosofuz! 3, 2015, pp. 28-30

Lewis and Blackburn on Quasi-Realism and Fictionalism
Final draft | Published version
In Analysis 66 (4), October 2006, pp. 315-9

Knowledge and Explanation
Final draft
In Canadian Journal of Philosophy 36 (2), June 2006, pp. 137-64

Knowledge of Arithmetic
Final draft | Published version
In The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 56 (4), December 2005, pp. 727-47

Realism and Independence
Final draft
In American Philosophical Quarterly 42 (3), July 2005, pp. 199-211
Spanish translation in P. Rychter (ed.) Realismo y Experiencia, Valencia: Edition Pre-Textos, 2016, pp. 25-39

Sleeping Beauty: A Wake-Up Call
Final draft | Published version
In Philosophia Mathematica 13 (2), June 2005, pp. 194-20

Forthcoming Academic Papers

How Do We Know That 2+2=4?
Final Draft
To appear in K. Kampourakis and K. McCain (ed.s) What Does It Mean to Know in Science?,  Routledge

The Truth Fairy and the Indirect Epistemic Consequentialist
With Daniel Elstein
Final draft
To appear in N.J.L.L. Pedersen and P. Graham (ed.s) Epistemic Entitlement, Oxford University Press

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