Season 1, Episode 6: Money

We're back!

Listen in to this week's episode for a fascinating chat with star economist Marina Adshade, author of Dollars and Sex, about how love is changing over time in tandem with economic changes, which classes of society we tend to focus on when we think about love and relationships, and last but VERY DEFINITELY not least, what sex robots are going to do to marriage.

S1 E6: Money

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Season 1, Episode 5: Love Poetry

A very special episode today: we're half way through season 1 (already!) so I'm featuring poet-philosopher Ray Briggs on love poetry, and its traditions and possibilities.

Ray is also a collaborator with the Metaphysics Of Love Project, an interdisciplinary investigation into the philosophy and poetry of love.

NB: next week the podcast takes a small mid-season hiatus (for Canadian Thanksgiving). Watch out for episode 6 on October 17th!

S1 E5: Love Poetry

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Season 1, Episode 3: Weddings

I've been a fan of Offbeat Bride for years. Showcasing the magic and beauty of non-"standard" weddings and commitment ceremonies, it pushes back on the kinds of limited, normative scripting that I explore in my work on the social construction of love. 

So I am totally thrilled to host the lady behind the Offbeat Empire, Ariel Meadow Stallings, as my second guest on the podcast! Listen in for a behind-the-scenes perspective on weddings and the wedding industry.

S1 E3: Weddings

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