Photo by Jonathan Jenkins Ichikawa

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Photo by Carrie Jenkins

The Woman at Home
Short story
Winner of the New Philosopher Writers’ Award XXI



Photo by Jonathan Jenkins Ichikawa

Uninvited: Talking Back to Plato’s Symposium, with Carla Nappi
Book-length collection
Forthcoming with McGill-Queens University Press

Festival poem commissioned for Words On The Water Writers’ Festival 2019

In which I paint myself into a corner
Video poem

Before Aristophanes from Symposium Reimagined, plus an introductory dialogue with Carla Nappi
In The Philosophers Magazine, July 2018

Fourteen from Uninvited
Finalist for the Malahat Review 2018 Far Horizons Poetry Award

Like the blues
Video poem, with Ray Hsu and Swoon

When I say make-up
Runner up, Indiana Review 2016 Twitter Poetry Contest

A ghost is asking
Runner up, Indiana Review 2017 Twitter Poetry Contest


Review of Machines Like Me by Ian McEwan
To appear in The Philosophers’ Magazine

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